Family Law – Property Settlement

Family Law - Property Settlement

property-settlementIt’s important to note that family law is split into 2 areas; property settlement and children’s matters.   As legal matters, they can run independent of each other and totally separate or as is often the case, at the same time.

The separation of partners is often just the first of a series of steps to be taken when terminating a relationship. The next step is to determine “Who gets what?” followed by “How do we do this”.

It’s not always necessary to take the big step and commence proceedings in the Family Court to settle this issue. Often some good advice, simple communication and a good reality check works wonders to resolve these disputes.

Sometimes not and then Court is the next and only step.

Either way, the advice from Cox Legal will leave you confident in the how the system works, what you can expect and how to navigate your way through.

This area of law can be simple and it can be fickle; each case is different.

However I am yet to find a case where there isn’t an opportunity for you to take the advice, get yourself started and do your own homework. That way, if you do proceed with my representation, you may have already done the groundwork yourself and this can reduce your overall legal expenses.

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