Juvenile Offenders

juvenile-offendersJuvenile Offenders

The criminal justice system can be a difficult course to navigate for both young offenders, parents and families.

If a juvenile offender is not guilty of an offence as alleged, it is of utmost importance that realistic advice from an experienced practitioner is obtained as soon as possible.   Too often families cannot afford legal fees and my office understands that you cannot always budget your finances for something you didn’t even know about.

The prospect of a criminal conviction on a juvenile record should be taken with the utmost seriousness.   And to this day, my office has never incurred legal fees for a juvenile offender of “thousands of dollars”.

It can often prove a turning point in the life of the offender and it is important to have legal representation to advocate for the child offender and ensure the Children’s’ Court is made aware of the all the relevant circumstances which led to the offending.

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